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Classes are Held at 122 N Lowell rd Windham NH (The Crossing life Church & Community Center)

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Warring worship, Praise, & Performance

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We are presently offering Dance class for kids & Youth from 4 years of age to early teens.

 Friday's, at 4pm!  

Classes will be added as needed.

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Josiah Armstrong

Dance style - Hip Hop, Freestyle, Martial Movement, stomp, and fusion

Is the founder of Forerunner Fitness and the School of Warrior Arts.  Movement and freedom of expression, and especially as demonstrations of devotion, prayer, and worship, are Josiah's passion. Movement, music, and the arts, are central vehicles to his life calling and have been key to his own healing, growth, and personal development.

Josiah has danced since his youth, taught hip hop at performing arts centers, acted, produced, and performed in various projects, plays, mini movies, commercials, and in music/creative albums.  He's spearheaded and produced dynamic productions  and choreographed dances utilizing various disciplins, multi media, and cinematography. 


Josiah has a passion to raise up the next generation,  creatively express the Gospel and the life changing truth of it,  and loves to use movement and the arts as  a platform to develop young leaders, nurture talent, and foster whole hearted love and devotion to God.

Josiah and Crystal, have 4 amazing Kids...and they all love to dance, make music, and perform too!

Melissa Hagan

Dance style - Hip Hop and Freestyle

I've been dancing since I was a little girl. I remember making up dances with my cousins and then performing for our parents. I also performed in a few neighborhood talent shows growing up. I joined pop warner cheerleadering at age 12 for the East Boston Jets.

We learned all kinds of choreography. Step after step we mastered to be in sync with each other. Once I went into high school I stayed committed and continued to cheer and by twelfth grade I was cheer captain of East Boston Jets. I knew by then, that anything you set your mind too that you can accomplish. I felt complete and blessed.

After high school I cheered for the basketball team at Salem State University and loved it. Shortly after college I started a family with my husband and now we have four beautiful children.

Michelle Guliano

Dance styles- ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, modern, lyrical, theater

I have been in love with dance and performance since my first dance class at age 6. I continued dancing, acting and performing and eventually assisting in choreography and teaching until I graduated from high school. When I gave my life to Jesus at age 18, it was a dream come true to integrate my passion for dance and performance into the body of Christ. I have since been married for almost 20 years to my husband Michael and have 8 children, many of whom share my love for the arts and performance. I have created, choreographed, and collaborated in multiple dance performances and artistic presentations throughout that time with many talented dancers and artists from all over and in a wide variety of dance genres and styles. I have participated with and witnessed God use dance and the arts to further the Gospel. I have seen and experienced freedom, emotional healing, and deep connection with the Lord through dance and I value the beauty with which God uses the arts to bypass the mind and envelope the heart. I believe in the power of expression to deeply impart that which words alone cannot communicate. 


Check out some of our projects.... 

 We created custom soundtracks, scripts, Music (except on "Bury the workman") choreography......the video editing on the two pro video projects was by David Schmitz with Waves media.

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