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Uechi Ryu Karate is a complete discipline of Body, Soul, and Spirit!

 The style of Uechi-Ryu, is an Okinawan style of karate and is highly respected as one of the most powerful and effective styles of self-defense


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4 Weeks of Awesome Training!

We are so confident that you are going to love working with us and being apart of the SOWA Tribe!!

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Karate tuition begins with 2 private introductory scheduled lessons with Instructor, Josiah Armstrong or Susan Michelson. All classes will be held at 125 N. Lowell in Windham, NH (Windham Crossing Learning Center) unless otherwise notified. ​Intro Program: $50 - this includes 2 private lessons, the student's Gi & belt (the white belt is earned in class), student evaluations, and fitness assessment. We're committed to each students development and progress in the Dojo and in life. It is recommended for each student to be in class at least 2 times a week and to practice at Home for proper progress and development. Standard Program Costs (after the "Intro"): 165$ a month ​


Tools and Resources for personal Growth

What we do is far more than kicks and punches, we're about personal transformation and with that we provide tools and processes for development.



A world class online nutrition and fitness curriculum that will reshape your health and deliver a 12 month ordered and habit based process with daily lessons, habits, check in's, and a custom year long training program!!! 


Community of like minded Amazing people, Special events,  & Access to Master martial artists through our association with the Uechi Ryu Botukukai


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Its never to late to start and there's never a better time! Embrace the journey and enjoy the rewards of training!

Meet Your instructors!

Mr Josiah armstrong & Mrs Susan Michelson

I am the founder of Forerunner Fitness, School of Warrior Arts, and I serve on the senior leadership team of The Crossing Life Church in Windham, NH. I love the martial arts for many reasons, but I love people more.  My goal is to add value to your life and empower you through the martial arts.  I truly see our training practice and methodology as holistic education for life.  Everything you learn on the mats will be applicable for life, whether you're 4 years old or 60 years old.  We train the Body, but more than that we train the heart and the mind!

I am presently a 3rd degree Black Belt in Uechi Ryu and proficient in various other arts that are incorporated into the school. I am also a Certified Personal Trainer, Holistic Wellness Coach, & John Maxwell Certified speaker, trainer, coach.
       I live in Derry, NH with my wife, Crystal, and three children, Jubilee, Asher, & Legacy.

I am Mr Armstrong's senior student and Assistant Instructor.  With a brief introduction to martial arts in early adulthood, I am very thankful to have found SOWA at this season of life as it's been a tool to push me forward in every way of my life.  Studying a martial art has facilitated many of my passions to work cohesively together: mentoring, equipping, and empowering students of all ages unto health in body, soul, and spirit.  I wholly believe in and carry the vision our school.  I feel very privileged and thankful for the opportunities given, for relationships discovered, and for the shoulders upon which I stand in my journey.


I am presently a Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt), a local business owner with my husband, a homeschooling Mama, and part of the Crossing Life Church community leadership teams.  My family and I reside in Windham, NH.

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