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Classes are Held both Online and at 122 N Lowell rd Windham NH (The Crossing life Church & Community Center)

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We are presently offering GROUP and PRIVATE Guitar and Ukulele lessons - Beginner to Advanced levels for ages 6 to adult! 

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Classes will be added as we grow and keep a look out for other fun musical instruments to be added too :)

From technical training, to jamming and having fun with others, to song writing, production, worship, and more, the Music Division of SOWA is the place to be!

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This is Freedom &  Expression through music!

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Guitar Boot Camp!

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Fridays at 10am (Ages 7-12)

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Mr. Will Ellis

Music has always been a part of my life. I have been playing guitar for over 15 years. I have toured in bands and have a great variety of experience in different genres of music. I have served as a worship leader and lead guitarist at the Crossing Life Church in Windham, NH, as well as collaborated on several recording projects over the years.

“I want others to find their freedom and unique expression through music.”

Will's passions are song writing, ambient electric guitar, prophetic and spontaneous worship.

Will is married to another amazing artist, Jacinta, and has 4 beautiful Kids!

David Schmitz

I have known Will for over a decade and a half as both a friend and fellow musician.

His love for the creative and his gift as an artist are obvious to everyone who knows him for even a short period of time. On top of this, his musicianship is both incredible and contagious.

Will is both a fantastic teacher and great with kids. And above all he’s sincere, personal, and a man of integrity. 

Thomas Pierson

My friendship with Will was literally born out of music!   His passion for worship has only grown over the years and he aspires to write and play meaningful and powerful music that has a message of hope and life.  I’ve had the privilege of writing music with him, and he’s always been a creative guitarist and has challenged me in my creativity as a musician as well.  On a personal level, Will is patient and kind, teachable and a great teacher.  He is unselfish in his gifts and truly desires to share all that God has given him as a musician and creative artist. 

 Diane A

My grandson Caleb has been meeting with Will for guitar lessons over four years now.  During this time, Caleb’s love for playing the guitar has only grown,  and flourished into a place that brings out expressions from his heart that only playing his music will do at this time. Will has always been kind, friendly and patient with Caleb, especially when Caleb was younger and easily distracted wanting to converse on topics not pertaining to guitar. Will was always so gracious to redirect Caleb and complete a productive lesson. Wills ability to assess and adjust to Caleb’s skills and needs, along with bringing an enthusiasm and passion for music is both authentic and contagious. I highly recommend Will as a guitar teacher! My experience with him,is that he is an excellent teacher and knows how to relate, challenge, and encourage his students to a place of confidence and success on their journey in music!

Juan Estevez

Love taking lessons from Will, an exceptional teacher. He adapts his teaching to what works for you, very fun, supportive and inspirational. Highly recommend it.

Check out some of our projects.... 

 We created custom soundtracks, Produced albums, scripts, Music, choreography....etc.  The video editing on the two pro video projects was by David Schmitz with Waves media and Wesley Foster for "songs of deliverence.

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