There's no greater time to get Clarity, skill up, and sharpen your understanding and practice of prophecy.


You must know the voice of God, understand the language of heaven, and learn to interpret the things of the spirit with biblical wisdom and practical application.


The Lord is looking for laborers in the Gospel who are fully equipped to partner with Him!



 This is a full 5 hrs of equipping, teaching, and activations to grow in understanding how God speaks and how we can properly receive, interpret, and communicate the inspiration and instructions of the spirit with clarity.

  • Learn biblical frameworks & Paradigms of Prophesy and supernatural ministry
  • Learn the power and responsibility of prophetic speech
  • Learn the anatomy of delivering a prophetic word.
  • Learn how to deliver the word in its proper time.
  • Learn and discover the unique ways God speaks to you
  • Learn to craft your prayers into powerful declarations
  • Grow in confidence to hear from God  and communicate His heart and mind to the church and world around you.
  • Learn how to test prophesy - hold on to the good and discard the rest without frustration 
  • Learn how to properly & responsibly practice growing in revelation and the spirit of prophesy
  • Grow in the love of Christ & experience the Love of God
  • And so much more!

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