Alignment Before Assignment



I wanted to share with you a snap shot of prophetic encouragement to help cross train your spirit, mind, faith, and life.....

Take a few minutes to read it and strengthen yourself in the Lord...

Let me preface this with the fact that there is much that could be shared prophetically and much that has been shared in our Sunday gatherings, our local prayer expression (Prayer furnace), and more…

So the following is some curation of what we sense the Spirit pdf God has been saying to us. I believe most of it is applicable to all of us in this season:

Training & Learning Warfare

We must understand that God allows opposition and “enemy’s” in the land  to test and refine His people to see whether or not we will keep the way of the Lord and walk in it.  He (God) also strategically leaves "enemies" to teach us and  train us in spiritual warfare; We need battle experience to become seasoned spiritual warriors  in this age so that we can partner with God in Kingdom exploits.  The great commission and the obtaining of prophetic promises necessitates that we can labor in faith and fight skillfully in the grace of God- judges 2:22-3:2

We have to learn radical submission and reliance upon God. We have to learn to pray effectively. We have to learn to worship, praise, give thanks, sing..ect wholeheartedly and in the spirit so that the new song of God, the Spirit’s song, can find expression in the earth that releases God’s Kingdom in and among and through His people.  We have to learn to stand united in love and humility.  We have to learn how to honor callings, functions, gifts, and authority in the Body. We have to pursue holiness and moral purity in the grace of God. We have to actually overcome and learn to rule in the midst of our enemies. We have to learn to discern and stand against the wiles of the enemy. We have to learn how to use our voice, the word of God, and the rest of our heavenly weaponry. We have to learn how to truly occupy and take ground in both the spirit and the natural….

As you can see, there’s much to grow into and become skillful in as we foster first love and intimacy with God.  God is both after our hearts and our ability to partner with Him in His mission on the earth.

God is preparing us for an unprecedented outpouring of His glory, presence, and power and a massive reaping of souls (people coming to an experiential and saving knowledge of Jesus Christ) into the family of God.  Our lives and households must be made ready through greater consecration and alignment of heart, understanding, and practice.  Room must be made for what God is doing and about to do!  We must all stretch in new ways, be enlarged in capacity, and upgraded in our spiritual technology for the greater works ahead of us. This is the hour of preparation and alignment before assignment.

As a community we must know how to wait on God, see and walk in the spirit in a greater way, and learn to worship, praise, and pray with abandoned hearts that can wield the authority of heaven and be wholly obedient to His voice and instructions.

God is breaking the spirit of stupor and slumber off His people, dismantling dead religion, crushing and exposing the accusations and condemnation of the enemy that slimes, divides, disempowers the people and renders their intercession uneffective.  He is releasing fresh fire and loosing the winds of change and liberty. There is fresh movement of the angelic in our midst as there is warfare in the heavens over the work in our land. 

God is “training our hands for war and fingers for battle” - God is releasing an anointing to fight in the spirit and an activation to get in the game of real service with the Body of christ and the extended community- Ps 144.  “I am calling you to rise up as a people who open up the wells of revival. “ The harvest is ripe, it's time to work while it’s still called the day -

The Lord is looking for Laborers for the fields! The time for reproduction of disciples is upon us...

  • Where do you need to rise up and take a fresh stand?

  • What do you need to lay down or adjust in this season?

  • What lies, fears, attitudes, immoralities, complaints, places of you need to renounce and repent of?


An Invitation

The Lord stands at the door and knocks.  He’s inviting the Body of Christ  to come higher and go deeper, to operate with a heavenly and eternal perspective and to behold His greatness and beauty in a new way! 

The Lord has roused Himself in zeal and is coming with a shout. He is and will shake everything that can be shaken to bring forth justice and to make Himself known among the nations! Get ready, get ready, get ready!!

Understand that the set backs and delays and trails in your life are serving a greater purpose to test and refine you but also because God is going to get glory in your life and in the people of God in a powerful and profound way!  It’s a divine set up! 

Just as God hardened the pharaoh's heart in order to display His power and judge the gods of Egypt,  so God has hardened the hearts of many high profile leaders, officials, and players in various circles of influence in order to shake and reshape structures, systems, and paradigms.  God is going to reveal His glory and goodness in our land and the surrounding communities while at the same time bringing a divine chastisement for truth and righteousness sake.  He is going to redefine reality in the minds of men and reveal the light of the Gospel. 

The Church of Jesus Christ will be a burning, bright, and beautiful witness once again, the fear of the lord and the favor of God will rest on us and it will be evident to all.

The Lord is on the move like an unstoppable train riding forth in Victory!  Make sure you're on it!



I want to encourage you to embrace His work in your heart and let Him bring your soul into the place of peace and rest in Him - for in repentance and rest in your salvation (Is 30:15) 


Take heart my friends and be of good courage!!  Set your hearts and minds on things above and set your life and family and faith in order....God is on the move!

Now is the time to arise and shine, to be found faithful, and to be found ready and fit for service (Body, soul, and spirit)!

talk to you soon!




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