Transform your life through martial arts from the comfort of your home. 


Some have thought that you cant learn martial arts online, but the truth of the matter is you can!  

In fact much of the demand is harder and truly places the responsibility on the student to train diligently if they plan to progress. Of course training online doesn't replace working with partners and being together in person, but with technology today we can bring an amazing experience right to you! 

Plus, we are passionate about bringing the faith based element into our training and impacting the world.

Our training is holistic, world class, and Christ centered!


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"This program Is absolutely amazing and my kids love it too!  As parents we have gained so much and learned tools to better parent our kids and share the faith together.  Plus my kids get legit training and take home first place trophies in competitions.....this is the real deal!”


Sensei  Armstrong

Live Classes

Join live 30-45 min interactive & energetic follow along  classes on Zoom -  get personal feedback and instruction, Character education,  build online community with other students, and more!

We're presently offering 2 Live Classes a week: Mondays at 5pm & Saturday's at 10:30am. (if you miss a class - you'll get the replay in your member site)

Video Library

Classes & “Summit” lessons (our monthly theme and character words teaching that bridges the Faith with our martial practice and life applications) will be recorded and uploaded in your custom portal for your use and ongoing learning.  You'll have online support with Technique lessons and kata breakdown videos for each level of the Curriculum.

Private Lessons, Testing, & Ranking

Students will have 1 or more private lessons a month with Sensei Armstrong or one of his instructors. This is a huge value.  In the same way, testing will happen 1 on 1 or in small groups utilizing “Breakout rooms” on zoom..very cool and effective.  

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Join us for 1 month of classes and 1 private lesson for only $59.

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Commonly asked questions about virtual training:


Start your 1 month Trial!

Join us for 1 month of classes and 1 private lesson for only $59.

Let’s Do this!