School of Warrior Arts

 A Holistic and Christ-centered education through the combative, creative, performing, and healing arts.



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All our Practices are a complete discipline of character, leadership, and excellence, in Body, Soul, & Spirit, for student success!!


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The Dojo

Learn martial arts, get in shape, and grow in character and self discipline....

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Move. Create. Express

Love to make music, dance, or perform?  Want to learn?

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Freedom, wholeness,  and healing, from the inside out.

We utilize events, workshops, retreats, one on one,  and group work. We are raising up an army of healers!

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Earn theological and ministry certificates and degrees with a focus in the arts!

We are raising up ministers of the gospel who utilize the various arts to make disciples and impact culture.

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Accelerate your growth and customize your training and development through working 1 on 1.

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