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 A new way to get to the Top

When your in pursuit of a goal or dream many have said, "it's lonely at the top"......But I don't believe that to be true if you live and build your life and business the right way!

"It's not good for man to be alone" the good Lord said...and this was not in reference only to marriage...but in all things.

So many people are caught in a "dog eat dog world" where people are ruthless in seeking their own ambitions to climb their ladder of success.  

This is a broken system that needs to be forsaken.

There is a better way!

Brotherly/ friendly competition is good and how we all can challenge each other to perform and live at the top of our "game", but how we really win and therefore all win is through collaboration and in serving each other.

We find a fullness in life when we are giving our lives away in service to others and to a cause that is greater than ourselves.  To be self serving alone is destructive, isolating, and does lead to being "lonely at the top"

You may gain the whole world but lose your soul in doing it....

Thats not winning....that's chasing the wind.

Plus, when you get to the "top" or to higher places of achievement, growth, or success...there's different levels of adversity, trial, and challenge ...and you dont want to be found standing alone.  You want to be found arm and arm with others helping to fight the good fight...together you prevail, together you win!

TEAM is Together, Everyone, Achieves, More....

Plus, the truth of the matter is that none of us are "self made".  we all have learned and benefited from others lives, work, knowledge, resources...etc in one way or another. Humility lets you walk well with others.


On another note when it comes to "climbing to the top and coming to a higher place": it's critical to come up higher and get a 360 view on your life, circumstances, business and ministry....reflection and review are critical if you want to hit the mark and live with wisdom.  We all need  mountain top perspectives throughout the year if we desire to live fully, abundantly, and plan to reach our potential...


When was the last time you properly reviewed the year, the quarter, the month, and then strategically adjusted to keep moving toward your goals...??

Or maybe you haven't set goals...

If you want to go higher in life....this is a critical key.

This process and framework to review, assess, and strategically plan is world class!  Whether for 2021 or any other year these principles are timeless and will help you clarify your vision, be more productive, energized, strategic, and fruitful....

This is 3 hrs of instruction and frameworks to help you crush it in life!

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