Do challenging things! Prt 1


All growth is an uphill journey! You must be intentional and you must stay "hungry"

When we have certain successes or have reached a certain level of growth or achievement or made any measure of progress, it's easy to settle down and become content and camp out around how far we've come and fail to see that there is more to go!

Yes, we need to celebrate every win and learn to enjoy the journey, but in the same breadth we need to set our eyes to the higher places and Keep Climbing!

Yes, take a breath, look back, and enjoy how far you have come but do not stay there...

In life, relationships, personal growth, business, ministry...etc mediocrity and comfortability is the enemy to your potential, growth, and ultimate joy.

We have to hold to the things that got us to where we are if were to keep growing.

Keep embracing your challenge where you are!

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If you want to get a mountain top view of your personal and professional life and strategically plan your year and...

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The Necessity of Rest


Stress is among the top killers in america!  People are more stressed than they realize and those that know it have most likely already had a breakdown and are exhausted.  By that time it is too late and much damage has been done. It’s like dehydration, its altogether disorienting and can kill you.  By the time you feel Thirsty it is already an indicator that we are point is we should be proactive and not reactive, learning to thrive and not merely survive.  We should be “hydrating” along the way and not waiting until its potentiality detrimental. We must be intentional and disciplined in life. Part of that discipline is a discipline of rest, relaxation, recovery, and recreation.


Life is built on various tensions; pressure and release, sprinting and resting, pushing and pulling, stopping and starting, death and life.....etc.   There is wisdom to be learned from in the pattern of rhythms and timing. We can see...

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