Do challenging things! Prt 1


All growth is an uphill journey! You must be intentional and you must stay "hungry"

When we have certain successes or have reached a certain level of growth or achievement or made any measure of progress, it's easy to settle down and become content and camp out around how far we've come and fail to see that there is more to go!

Yes, we need to celebrate every win and learn to enjoy the journey, but in the same breadth we need to set our eyes to the higher places and Keep Climbing!

Yes, take a breath, look back, and enjoy how far you have come but do not stay there...

In life, relationships, personal growth, business, ministry...etc mediocrity and comfortability is the enemy to your potential, growth, and ultimate joy.

We have to hold to the things that got us to where we are if were to keep growing.

Keep embracing your challenge where you are!

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If you want to get a mountain top view of your personal and professional life and strategically plan your year and...

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The Law of Self Awareness: you must know yourself to grow yourself

 Growing up, my life was pretty turbulent and marked by fear, people pleasing, and a lot of unpleasant transitions….these things kept me from dreaming, having goals, being secure with myself, being honest with others and therefore not fully honest with myself.

I would lie so much i believed my own lies…kinda of funny... but pretty sad.  Now, with such insecurity you may think that would make someone pretty self aware or too self aware, but the fears and self protecting mechanisms  in my life actually kept me pretty detached from the type of self awareness that would lead to transformation and growth…. the safety of my lies kept me from being rejected, at least for a time until i was either trapped or exposed, and it was that way for many years in my life.

I was gifted and charismatic but that didn't mean i was growing as a person, and if anything i just grew more sophisticated in people pleasing, manipulation, and self deception. And as some of...

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