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Introducing first as the Martial Arts focused division of The Forerunner Fitness Academy

Team Legacy 

Everything you need to succeed in the health, fitness, and martial arts industry while keeping  the Christ-centered edge & advantage.  Specialize in advanced coaching & training skills, learn and teach world class martial arts curriculum, Learn and teach sound biblical truth and establish people in the Faith through the arts, build your brand-and launch a successful Buisness or Dojo both in -person and online, and surround yourself with the best and brightest.

Become a transformational Leader!

We're Uniting, Equipping, & Certifying Christ-centered transformation coaches, trainers, healers, martial artists, & wellness pros.


An open letter to lifelong learners

The most successful people in any industry are lifelong learners.

They’re the ones who are always growing and improving. Always pushing themselves to become better. Always pushing others to become better. 

At times, their dedication may seem strange to others. Their friends and family may not “get it”. Their colleagues may not understand what drives them. But that’s fine. 

Excellence isn't for everybody, even though everybody is worthy of it. 

Lifelong learners understand the difference between quality and quantity. They don’t want the most. Instead, they demand the best.

Above all, lifelong learners are searching.

You know who you are. You know why you’re here. 

The search is over.

Welcome to

Team Legacy & The Forerunner Fitness Academy

What is the Academy?

Your training, your like minded Christ-centered community, & education hub. The Forerunner Fitness Academy is where you’ll 

  • Lay foundations and Specialize in cutting-edge coaching & training skills
  • Clarify clear biblical convictions and world view through biblical study and training.
  • Learn to build your company or ministry brand-and launch a successful in-person and online Buisness, Dojo, club..etc.
  • Surround yourself with the best and brightest experts  
  • Have the opportunity to be a Certified Forerunner Fitness Breakthrough Coach (coaching people from the inside out into their God Given purpose and potential)

As a Founding Member (a once in a lifetime offer), you’ll get first access to everything you need to become a transformational leader, confidently build—and run—a successful Christ centered Martial art or Wellness (nutrition, fitness, mindset, lifestyle) coaching and training business.

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