Crucial Conversations Prt 1

Part of alignment and bringing greater order in life and fueling wellbeing has to do with confrontation and healthy conversations......

Most people try to avoid confrontation...

or they always seem to be confrontational and don't know how to have a healthy conversation.

The HOW we do something matters.....


What does it mean to “Have a Crucial Conversation”?


1. Identifying the precise situation that's causing you tension, and understanding what's happening.

Before we can talk about how to change a situation, we need to know why the situation is there.

2. Being clear on your needs.

What, ultimately, do you want to happen? (Notice that this isn't about what you don't want.)

3. Preparing or improving your communication skills.

Asking for exactly what you need and want will mean being assertive. It means:

  • expressing your feelings, thoughts, and desires clearly and unambiguously — with compassion, thoughtfulness, and honesty;
  • managing your emotions so that...
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