Redeemed Reason

Listen, I wanted to drop you a note on redeemed reason...

I think it's important to understand that human reason or the rational mind that's un-submitted to the spirit is antagonistic and at enmity to the spirit.  So we need to learn to think and reason with a spiritual mind.

The wisdom of God and the ways of God are often  contrary to regular human logic and even considered foolish, and so spiritual things (and all things are spiritual when it comes to how we relate to them) must be discerned by the spirit.

We have to learn to live and operate and see things from a supernatural perspective; the mind of Christ is meant to be the genius and intelligence with operate and live from. Otherwise we may find ourselves fighting against  or resisting the will and plan of God to our own hurt.  This is so critical in this hour and it's critical to growing in maturity!

We have to understand that faith is the confidence of what we hope for and the evidence or assurance...

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