Authentic spirituality: Love

Transformation is facilitated by meditation and practice!


One of the key truths iv been sitting on even the last few years is “less is more” and “slow down in order to go fast”.

  • Authentic spirituality, which is a life lived in the Spirit, requires that we slow down and be very intentional to abide in the word and love of God.  We can bear no fruit on our own and we must let our soul drink deep of God’s grace.


We need to learn to set our mind and affection on things above and think on what is true, noble, praiseworthy, pure….etc (Col 3, Phil 4)…

Our mind and the meditations of our heart are the gateway of personal growth and transformation.  What we behold we become.

The scriptures teach that transformation happens by the work of the Holy Spirit as we renew our mind according to the truth of the word, ways, and nature of God (Rom 12).

The practical counterpart to the supernatural work of God operating in our hearts...

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Evangelist Photini

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The whole world needs to know her story. Photini is the name of The Woman at the Well in John 4.
A significant figure in the Johannine community, the Samaritan Woman, like many other women, contributed to the spread of Christianity. She therefore occupies a place of honour among the apostles. In Greek sermons from the fourth to the fourteenth centuries she is called "apostle" and "evangelist." In these sermons the Samaritan Woman is often compared to the male disciples and apostles and found to surpass them.
At Pentecost Saint Photini received baptism, along with her five sisters, Anatole, Photo, Photis, Paraskeve, Kyriake, and her two sons, Photeinos and Joseph. She then began a missionary career, traveling far and wide, preaching the good news of the Messiah's coming, His death and resurrection. When Nero, the emperor of Rome, began to persecute Christians, Photini and her son Joseph were...
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